Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winter Wonderland---NOT

It is soo crazy here in Mid Michigan.
Schools should have been canceled, instead, have kids Show up for x number of hours so they can "count" the day. We have had so many snow days, I'm sure administrators are trying NOT to extend the school year. Already, we are going to be going until mid June.

Only one of my classes met today, at 1:00, then JUST before class started came the announcement of an early release. (20 minutes). My kids school called, THEY were releasing early also.
ALL schools and most Govt. Offices are shut tomorrow. Blizzard conditions, some of the WORST I have ever driven in.
The trip to the kids school, normally about 1/2 hour, was 1 1/2 hours, plus then, I still had to GET home. Cars were in the ditch, my hands were gripping the steering wheel, visibility was less than 15 feet, snow plows were pulled off the road in our county at 3:00.
I talked to my Co - worker...she is preggo's and found out today she is having a LITTLE BOY!!
I made Pioneer Woman Lasagna, Garfield would be pleased.


12-arrows said...

we are under the same conditions here too. My kids went to school only to be sent home after lunch. They should have never even gone. Frustrating. I am so glad you made it safe to and fro though. I know how tense it can be to drive white-knuckled. I love your blogs and love your openness and honesty. Thanks for stepping out of the box to share.


Wish we could get a little in NW Pennsylvania. We can't even ski, because the rain keeps coming after every snow. Enjoy some time off.