Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I"m so lame lately

Sorry dear reader..I'm lame. I don't know why anyone continues coming here. I post jokes and stupid schemes that think I am desirable and they want to give me money.
I've just been...OVERWHELMED. I dont want to whine. I'm miserable. I have started this job, and its crazy.....School no school school storm, no storm...
Snow more snow more snow...get stuck. White out...driving as a grown woman into COmple area covered in snow and I cant even see.
NO sleep 2 nights ffreking out, no sleep gotta get new job sign langingeuregs then...two night s a week in a row for three weeks....a county parenting class that is just different than when its not a "COUNTY" class....and how could soomebvoy try for 14 years ot get preggos, and then theSTATE steps in andnrevoes the kid at 4 months old...and they STILL not have custody when the kid is now 14 MTONTHS OLD...ths makes me crazy.
Then to hear a former coworker was "retire or we'll fire her"


klasieprof said...

I decided to leave the typo's in..THATS how tired I was last night.


It's February and you have a new job. Those are two big whammies. Hang in there. I like your jokes and random musings.

MP said...

tired..I think it was that vino LOL :-)

Did you hear what happened in St Louis. Woman's son (3) was found at a mall...he was all over the news..finally her aunt calls and says "we left him after a bday party..opps"..where is the mom? Oh..she'll call you later. There was a warrent out for her, she wouldn't pick up the kid cause she didn't want to get arrested. NICE..after a couple days in state protection the beautiful boy was given to his father..that he didn't know.