Friday, February 22, 2008

stuff about the urchins

Morey Public Tae Kwon Do:

All the students are showing great progress through their practice, hard work and the support of Morey Public School and all our great

Tae Kwon Do Parents! We couldn't do it without you - THANK YOU

Congratulations to all the Morey Public Students that tested and progressed to their next color belt level:

Taylor tested from white belt to yellow

Kanta tested from yellow belt to yellow green

Annie tested from yellow belt to yellow green

Clinton tested from yellow belt to yellow green

Joy tested from low green to high green MY YOUNGEST!!!!

J.R. tested from high green to low blue

Kate tested from low blue to high blue My MIddles' Best Friend

William tested from high blue to low red 4 MY OLDEST!!!!

And a big thank you to our highest ranking red belt at Morey Public Helena for all her hard work during class and help at the test. MY MIDDLE!!!!

Paula Robison 2nd Dan * Tae Park Tae Kwon Do * Golombisky Institute



Congratulations! With all of those colors, I want SKittles.

Suzanne said...

congrats to your kids!

Mini Me's Room said...

Yes it's true...NOT ALL REDS TEST!!!! :)