Tuesday, February 19, 2008

These are the days of our lives

6:00 a.m. School called off roads were so bad...Icy...
I decide to try and go to Ann Arbor (2 1/2 hours south) to see Jake's mom, and Jake
Wake hubby (his day off) He says he'll go...hooray
Text Jakes mom in Hosptal
Drive, get there
do Hospital stuff all day, Not fun, get to see how Sick Jake really is, as he is in the hospital, not home...please continue to pray, I don't want to go into it all
5:00 Drive home, icy roads
Middle child bless her made Spaghetti!! (WHO knew SPag H etti) had an "H" In it?
Felt VERY ill all the way home, car sick or maybe the salad from the hospital..but didn't puke
shower, blessed shower
UP, 6:00 a.m.
Get STUCK in the driveway from so much snow
Bad roads
MC D coffee hit the spot-rarely do this as dollars fly through your fingers this way
Text Jake's mom in Hospital
teaching new stuff ALL day ALL classes, one of the few all day every days' this semester.
Two particular girls give LOTS of attitude
3:00 Drive home, snow, icy
Get drink,(not an "adult" beverage either) bathroom
Go to rental house To check it over
5:30, Oil Change, got headlight that was out fixed
6:30 "Parent" night at dance...alllllllllllll Night
(Oh There is HOT Soup on the stove!!)
OMG how much more!
Up to start all over again, throw in APPT. at Mental Health for kid stuff, and I teach tomorrow night 2 1/2 hours

I am growing a Right nice Zit for my period to start!!!


H said...

Now that I am commenting regularly on your blog I should probably introduce myself. I am Hannah, Ness's friend in the south. I think we met once. I read your blog all the time. Would it be ok if I linked to you on my blog?


OH, babe, that's rough. Hang in there. DO you get summers off from school? You should.

MP said...

We are supposed to have sleet and snow tomorrow..and Friday, I am SO ready for vacation.

OH..the story about my cousin...she has been arrested..Yeah..at least I know she's not on the streets. They caught her because she broke into someone's house and was robbing them when they came home. Looking for money or stuff to sell for drugs.


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