Friday, February 01, 2008

Jake, age 9 Pluera Pulmonary Blastoma enter in the "ENTER WEBSITE NAME" jakejsmith
IT MIGHT be under Jacob Smith....I can't quite seem to figure it out.

Jake Got home from his emergency visit on Weds, and today, Friday, is back for his 3rd visit for chemo. His hair has started to come out.
On the Journal site, his dad writes:
"The surgeons had removed a tumor the size of a grapefruit from his lower left lung. The miligant tumor was sent to pathology to determine the type. We were told we would have the results by the middle of the week. Wednesday December 12, 2007 the pathology results were in and the tumor was determined to be pleura pulmonary blastomia (PPB). They explained to us that PPB is a very aggressive and extremly rare cancer with less than 10-12 cases being reported each year. Dr. Magee had mentioned to us that there is a registry on the internet which is dedicated to this disease . The site is headed up by Dr. Jack Priest who is the most experienced oncologist and has dedicated his life to this disease."

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