Monday, February 04, 2008

Graititude, Say Thanks

Got my first check from my new job!
Actually was able to FILL two vehicles, gas here is 3.05 gallon
I FILLED the car I"m DRIVING@@!!!!
Got to see my friend Kevin, He was getting his taxes done, then came over to talk.

Michigan economy just SUCKS. ....but I'm GRATEFUL for what I have right now, and I LOVE it.
I'm teaching parenting classes two nights this week also, for the next 3 weeks!
We had GREAT Ribs for Super Bowl Sunday
Everyone is healthy at the moment


Jan said...

Sounds like everythings moving in a positive direction. Except the economy. Gas is 2.97 per gallon, here. ridiculous.

ness said...

I was grateful to fill at 2.98...whoo hoo...

i'm so happy for you...I'm glad you are doing something that you can expand in instead of being quashed.

MP said...

Gas prices suck all over. Wonder when that will ever turn around..or maybe I should say IF.

Taxes??I don't even want to go there yet.

RIBS>>>>> Yum! How did you make them?