Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Mania

I have to post SOMETHING to get that nasty toe off of the very top of the page!!!

Monday: Get 3 kids and Hub off to school/work
Drive 35 minutes on Icy roads to teach
Teach 8-930
Observe 9:30-11
Teach 12:30-2:30
Drive over an hour
School Board meeting tonight
Smile and not bitch anybody out!!

I'm old enough where I am HAPPY...that....I ....was to POOP this morning before I left! There. I'm officially middle aged. But but but...does it COUNT if I have diverticulitis and it's a health issue?????

I'll Leave you with what I tell EACH and every one of my students every day..."MAKE GOOD CHOICES".

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Poop all out?? Well, that makes for a far more comfortable day. If I don't poop before I leave, I have to use the nasty b-rooms at work. That's disgusting, but I'm like you, middle aged, and when I got to go, I GOT to go.