Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My house is a wreck

I'm sick of living in clutter. This has been an ongoing problem. I just want to be free of all the crap.
everywhere I turn, more crap.
I trip, see everyone trip on stuff, i'm Sick and embarassed and tired of it.
Crap I MUST be premenstual. I feel extreamly Fragile.

Not a time to be writing

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Elizabeth said...

LOL. That's how I feel every time my apartment is a mess (which is most of the time right now because I'm so busy). Luke must think I'm crazy because it has taken me almost a week to organize my kitchen...and I'm still not done! I don't know what I'm going to do when we have to find places for wedding presents! Everyone needs to just buy us lots of storage baskets or something.

oooh...i know! i remember mom and dad making a rule when we were kids. basically...if we left anything out that we weren't wearing, using, or playing with...it went into a bag and we had to pay money to get it back. i think at one point--they got to just throw it away if we didn't pick it up. talk about motivating!