Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Mouse in Krisscop's House

Ok. Read My profile. What is NOT to understand from "HATE MICE". You'd think then that Nice little mice would simply MOVE along..that's right..go to the farm down the street with 37 cats.
The Honnking Huge mouse has to decide to take a stay at my place.
So..Lori and I were in the girl's room chatting..when out of the corner of my eye..I THINK I see something under the antique collapsible table that has 4 chairs inside. It has an old window pane door sitting on top. Lori says "WHAT??"..I say..Um...well..nothing..She says YOU SAW A MOUSE didn't YOU!!...Ugh...yah..SHE says she thought she saw one too.
Ok we are both grossed out.
She was making a run to Wal=mart for Laundry soap, trash bags, and now...Mouse traps.
Oh yah..glue and the SNAP kind. (I personally Prefer the SNAP kind..I love HEARING them die).
So...we call Don...Lori insisting there was an EMERGENCY, and GEES couldn't he just rush home to us. LOL.
SOO Don (at his appointed time) sets out THE TRAP. Under the collapsing table.
This morning..I got up...LOOKED (I can be brave when someone is here) hadn't moved and I could still see daylight through it.
This afternoon, Lori came back...I can be brave...I bend down from in My bedroom, looking into the hallway...THE TRAP IS GONE!! AWWCKKK!! I can't believe it!! I move the table out...NOTHING.
Then ...we are cleaning in William's room, and neither of us are very motivated...I had sort of looked around for the mouse..and didn't find anything. Once, While tossing a brown wooden box...WE BOTH jumped out of our skin....I DID NOT do it on purpose. Mice are NOTHING to kid about.
So...I look into my bedroom..There is Bugsy the dog..Um...Well...With the Glue mouse trap stuck on her face. I cant tell if she has EATEN the mouse or not. Then we had to Peel the mouse trap off her face, and Dig out the sticky stuff that was in her mouth. That was true doggy I KNEW There could be Mouse flesh sticking in her teeth.
Neither one of us would allow the dog to come near us after that..No mousy breath for us. UGH!!.. DID SHE or DIDN'T she??? ..I would have felt a LOT better had I found a mousy carcass. Even a stray little mousy foot in her mouth would have relieved me somewhat. NOW I don't know if its Gone..or lurking.

WHY oh why did my only Mouser cat take off? NOW is when I miss Alex the most. The fat old lucky Simon..just doesn't cut it.
Oh well..Maybe Bugsy the dog will turn out to be a good mouser. For now though..Keep that doggy breath away from me.

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