Saturday, July 01, 2006

Freedom, Love and SPEED

What a few days. After being SOO relaxed on Tuesday, and the Meeting on Weds...Thursday was Very Cool.
First of all, Thursday, Don and I had our wedding anniversary. We will celebrate later alone, but we took the girls out of summer program, visited the school to drop off a bunch of supplies, went to Mt Pleasant as my Uncle is here from Florida. He is SO cool, and Loving and supportive, and Family oriented. Uncle Don moved to Florida back when they had a shoreline. He didn't even put Air conditioning into his house because of the Huge Breeze from the ocean. WELL...with the build up of hotels etc...They don't have that breeze anymore.
We went to one park, Uncle Don being THRILLED at the trees, and hills, and greenery. WE let Bugsy go swimming at the park. She was SO happy..She learned how to swim against the current, by going up close to the shore. She was GRINNING!!
Then We got some PICNIC food, went to Nelson park, and had a wonderful family picnic. --Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, sweet honey mustard, Chips, pop..Etc. Bugsy met many new friends..And One especially cute Brown lab that was still tiny enough to fit comfortably in his owners ONE hand!! She went swimming some more, and we were "chillin". Joy had to pee...And sooo she took off her clothes and went into the river in her undies....(I refused to ask if she "did" it in the river, but she was MUCH more relaxed!!).
Then..We came home and had a little bit of quiet time before PUPPY CLASS. Bugs was one tired pooch. She likes seeing all her pals, and loves getting the little treats. So far, we have worked on : SIT, DOWN (laying down on floor), Heel (NOt the Heel friends I pick out but HEEL as in left side of body walking NOT pulling on leash), Then this week...STAY, LEAVE IT, and Stand. ITs a LOT to pack into an hour, but we love it. I"m going to call my friend Jan that trains dogs and get signed up for another one.
Also Thursday..Chaos was supreme as we Could NOT find a wedding invitation for a Wedding YESTERDAY. I had to go up to Camp to pick William up after Evening Chapel...On the way, I figured I had enough time to swing by Midland and "work" on Kevin's son's back. (Son is in PAIN, trying to get free from Oxycoctin addiction). SOO worked on him (heh heh 23 year old IN SHAPE body..but I digress)...Then Kevin Volunteered to drive me up to Gladwin THE SPRINGS to Get Will. That was SO nice, as it was late, He drives a LOT faster than me, and I was sort of scared. So We get William, and To our DELIGHT..>Kevin regaled William with stories of his racing car Days. William Understood about "boring out, adding a # 1 package" and tons of stuff I didn't get. Kevin will take us to Flint to see some cool car shops that rebuild, re-bore or whatever. Kevin is one of the most amazing friends I"ve ever had. I think its because he reminds me SOOOOO much of Joe Broccoli, but 10X smarter. Kevin would periodically "drop" the engine and go RAcing DOWN THE HIGHWAY for us. What a blast..One time..He SMOKED his tires REALLY good..And EEERRRRRRGHHHHHH TOOK off leaving skid marks. It just 'dont' get no better than that.

Well..I haven't even gotten to the wedding yet...maybe next post. It was Classy, sharp and FUN. When asked by the Pastor for a token of his affection, the groom got the ring from the Best Man, who pulled out a CANDY RING. THe groom took a few sucks off of it..Offered it to his bride to the immense humor of the audience. IT was Cute, and NOT in poor taste. The Pastor told the groom..HEY QUIT LOOKING AT HER AND LISTEN TO ME!! EVeryone laughed. The rest of us LOVED meeting Bernie, and Dar his wife.
William and Don Flew out there 2 years ago (Colorado). Bernie is the FIRST person to truly introduce Don to Christ. That is a story in and of itself. The Seed of that discussion rolled around in Don's heart for years.

Just got TONS more stuff to do this weekend!! ALL of it FUn, some of it work but still fun.
Happy Freedom to Us, longevity to my union, and SPEED for all. Here's to the ooh's and ahh's of the fourth.

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Richtaxman said...

HMMM!! "Not the Heel friends I pick out but Heel as in left side of body not pulling on leash" I wonder who you could possibly have in mind.