Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The "Eyes" have it.

My Sister/friend Robyn is here. She has the EYE, but it's NOT the "evil" eye.
This woman is incredible. She can tour six different stores over 5 days, and remember what matches what in each store. She accounts for texture, color and "emotion" in pieces.
I took alll of our kids to Church Sunday morning, got Waylaid afterwards by a lady who was homeless with her 3 kids. They had been staying with "in laws" but "she thought they were talking about her", so she left..they spent the night in their car.

I did what I could, called women's aid...got her a temporary place to stay. Had good interaction with the "new" pastor. At least he's not a complete dolt. I spoke pretty frankly with the woman...her husband was in jail on a Parole Violation..but hes "a good guy"
yah....smoked some good herb...as his brother unexpectedly died, then...tested Postive..so I inquire further due to my Parole/Probation backgroud,....oh..Original charge was .....BANK ROBBERY!!!! AWWCKKKKKK!!!

Ok then We got home and that "wascally wabbit'wobyn"..had gone up to Meijers or somewhere in mt pleasant. SHe "test sat" some dining room chairs. They are "espresso color"...and sat well. She gifted us six of them . ANd not only gifted them..But..put them all together...we had a heck of a time just finding the basic tools needed to assemble them. One more reason I'm getting organized.

My thinking has changed somehow. I am so incredibly grateful. The kitchen looks totally different with matching chairs. They don't have arms on them so they don't take up TONS of room. I think that is the first "new" furniture I've ever had. I love everything she does. She and her husband are two of the hardest working people I know. she loves and accepts me for who I am, and sometimes that is really humbling to realize how much she loves me. Somehow I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and something to happen...her get mad at me and loose a friendship or something. I trust her with everything I got..LOL... She is SOOO good with wallpaper, paint etc....She could make a brick shit outhouse look good. Its been a blast, we've been trying to figure out a Career option for her on the side besides her "real" job.
Oh..speaking of Jobs....I guess I better get back to work.

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ness said...

That's awesome! How fun! Getting something new can be so inspiring to refresh everything....i cleared out my closet this week...junk I'll never wear...started with some new stuff that some sweet person sent me.

The uh 3 kid lady...not anybody I know I hope.....eek.