Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Life's Been Good to Me So Far

Lucky I'm sane after all Ive been through
Everybody says Im cool (shes cool)
I cant complain but sometimes I still do
Lifes been good to me so far

..................Joe Walsh

Well, that is assuming that I AM sane. Some dayz...Today was frustrating on any number of levels. I get out from a meeting, there is a note on my windshield from a co worker, "nailing" me for something. On my freekin WINDSHIELD. So I wasn't planning on going back to office, then I had too.

I did get my nails done...there was an Office "Mary Kay" party at noon. I love having my nails polished..I"m not a very "good" girl...and great lipstick and fingernail polish seems a luxury, but I'm beginning to think of it a lot differently.
It makes ME feel sooo much better, then I am more put together in my thoughts. The girls and I each did each others nails a few weeks was a blast..and SOOO "Girly". My GF has boys, and she has helped me see the pleasure of having girls.

I am getting sick of being disorganized. I am making great progress thought. Gutted off part of computer table tonight, after walking Bugsy.

Bugsy..what a dog. She cracks me up. She is getting more and more protective of me which endears her more to me. Someone rang the doorbell, and She went NUTS...barking and letting me know of the intruder. LOL. She has doggy school tomorrow night. JOY keeps asking Bugsy..."did you do your homework bugsy???"..She of all the kids has attached more to Bugsy than the older 2. Maybe its the "pecking order" thing as a buddy said.

WEll..I have tons more to say..but don't feel like writing.
I have been reading Esther..and how she used her femininity toward good, in leading her husband to be rightous. She was desirable, and a good leader. That's what I want to be. All the leadership books/mentors can't teach you some things. It has to come from within.

I had Lunch yesterday with my friend who is an Attorney / Business owner. Went to East Lansing, and had great Creme' Brulee for Dessert. I kept thinking about taking my mostly non drinking girlfriend there and getting her 'feeling' good when her hubby was out of state. I also went there with my sister. And had lunch there with my girls. The Memories were flying all over the place. Of course..the Wine and Irish whiskey didn't hurt any. I went to the bookstore next door after wards and read for a couple hours. It was great. HUGE fireplace..slight buzz, free great books. Everything was right in my world.

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ness said...

I love that restaurant. I love that memory....