Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas cookies etc

Saturday, we didn't go to Tae Kwon Do. That usually entails us up and moving by 8:30, picking gf and her son up at 9:30, and then driving 45 min....the class thing, stopping for lunch thing after, and getting home about 2:00. Little one has been sick, sick and more sick...pneumonia, not pneumonia etc, she was sleeping soundly..the extra money for class and gas...just couldn't do it.
SOOO...Girls and I cashed my first substitute teaching check (2 days 102 dollars)..and got gas ($47.00), and got some ingredients to make cookies. Went to Alma IGA, and there was a BEAUTIFUL Pork Tenderloin on sale for 1.99 a pound. Nabbed one ($17.00).
...decided to make a "WOW" dinner in addition to Cookies.
We made rice Krispy treat balls-dyed green, Chocklate chip cookies from that email with 100 cookies that has been floating around--BEST EVER CHOC CHIP COOKIES...and they WERE!, Cinnemon chip cookies..(YES CINNEMON!!), Sugar cookies. ..
trimmed the pork loin fat, coated it with Garlic, cracked pepper and surrounded that baby in slices of bacon....Cooked it slowwwww....
Potato salad, stuffed mushrooms, Herbed french bread, double baked beans, and YEAH it was good. AND a nice bottle of Chateu Ste. Michelle Cabernet
I need/want to start taking pictures!!!...It was beautiful. I set the table with Christmas tablecloth and little Geese napkin ring holders.


ness said...

sometimes, you just gotta celebrate!

MP said...

Yumm...your post is making me hungry for real food!!


MMMM...pork sounds great! Think I'll have to consider that soon.
By the way, got to your site through Ness's site. We went to the same school, and I taught her sister.

Tracy said...

The kids and I made some of our Christmas stuff the other day--directly after having had the flu for 2 days. It actually was a good thing for me because I didn't eat or even sample one single bite! The flu sucks though!