Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HEADPLAY personal cinema LINKS to MEEEEE!!!
OK THIS IS WEIRD!! I wondered WHY WHY was I getting so many "hits" from weird places? Well SOMEHOW, Headplay linked to my original blog entry about the Video Viewing system that son won a few months ago. It took forever to get here, but everyone we dealt with was very professional. He did all the calling, arranging, emailing etc. They hooked us up with the correct email and contact person.

SO!!! Besides being a Lucky kids mom....I"M on a Freekin BIGTIME website!! Damn, I wish I would have taken more time with that entry!!



that's actually kind of cool.

TooLazytoScrapbook said...

Hi! Oh wow! Thanks for leaving a comment on my site! I would love to hear about taking care of a cast iron skillet! My email address is santiagoc AT carolina DOT rr DOT com . Thanks so much!

And, don't tell my kids your son actually won something...because they already drive me BATTY wanting to enter EVERY contest they hear about! Ha! They don't care if the chances are 1 in a bazillion jillion, they want to ENTER!
Seriously COOL your son won! Very!