Thursday, December 13, 2007


I can't help it. I have reached the age when I read Obituaries. I didn't REALIZE I was at that age. I just sort of started a few months ago. My mom always jokes, "well I didn't see myself in the obit column so I guess I'm still ALIVE!".

Some are funny. Some are cute. Most are boring.
It's amazing what people put in obituaries. OF course it is the survivors that put this stuff in!!
Some...although on the surface seem ok, You just KNOW they were a Prick. I guess it wouldn't be politically correct to say, "Bob was a mean ass and took pleasure in giving co-workers pain, would make popcorn and not share, and stunk up the bathroom with his foul smelling shit". Yah. So not good.

So this one is in my hometown paper today. I don't know Mrs. Mueller. I say "MRS" because it just isn't proper to call an 85 year old lady "Elaine". And I'm all About being proper!...So what bothers me is the little line stuck way down in the bottom. 'She put others first and met their needs ahead of her own.'

Ok, On the surface it is very ...well "Christian" thing to do. I just know though...that meltdowns occur if you don't take care of YOURSELF as well as you take care of others. I DO take care of "the Others" around me. Very well in fact. If you happen to be one of "The Others" in my life..count your lucky stars! If you are not...So sorry..get to know's worth it!! (hey! Do I hear heckling in the background?)
So..for today...take care of YOURSELF are just going to die anyway.

Elaine Knaack Mueller
UPDATED: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Elaine Knaack Mueller, age 85 years, of Saginaw, MI, formerly of Bay City, passed away on December 11, 2007 at The Lutheran Home in Frankenmuth, Michigan of multiple health issues. She was born Elaine Norma Knaack on November 1, 1922 to the late Frank W. and Irene M. (Yahn) Knaack in Bay City. Elaine graduated from Bay City Central High School in 1940 and attended Bay City Junior College before earning her Bachelor's Degree from Central Michigan University and Master's degree from the University of Michigan. She was a long time learner adding 60 credit hours beyond her Masters. On November 16, 1943 she married Richard L. Mueller and he preceded her in death on January 1, 2003. She began her teaching career at several elementary schools and eventually taught many years for the Saginaw City Schools and the Saginaw Intermediate School District. Elaine was the second "Hospitalized and Homebound Teacher" of handicapped children. She finally retired in 1986 from the Millet Learning Center. Elaine had a very active life and enjoyed many activities including scouting, travel, bowling, bingo, golf, playing cards and watching TV game shows. She was a member of the Faith Lutheran Church in Bridgeport, the Saginaw Elks Lodge #47 Ladies Auxiliary (The Does), Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority (teachers' sorority) and the Michigan Education Association. Her main focus in life was supporting and guiding her sons and their families. She put others first and met their needs ahead of her own. Elaine had a lot of spirit and fully participated in the things she enjoyed.


MP said... are not alone, I too read to obits..daily..and I love ones like you posted. That was a wonderful tribute!!


I read the obits, too. First thing. Thought I was odd. Guess I'm more normal that I thought.