Friday, December 07, 2007

Parole/Probation Stories Yes I'm an Idiot

I had an offender once,...Not "had" in the biblical sense either. This guy was a Smart inner city Black kid, his Grandpa was a Fairly well known preacher-Pentecostal in "THE CITY".
My guy...was dumb. Just no nice way of saying otherwise. He lived over the tracks, next to the highway.
He was on Tether-Home Confinement for a portion of his sentence. I used to tell offenders it was a PRIVILEGE to be on tether. On tether, one got to stay in their own home, eat their own food, have conjugal visits whenever they could find a booty call. They didn't have to share the tv etc.
So...My guy. Dumb as a rock.
I checked the police contact blotter and notice that HE had called police as a "victim" in a new crime.
I called him up...asked what the scoop was. He said, WELL..(no good thing EVER starts out good with "WELL"). ...Seems he had let some Gang members--"Just Peoples he knowed not that he hisself was in da gang"..He let them hide some crack in his car. The car was in his drive way, and they knew that he was on home confinement and would be there.
Evidently...this hiding spot was quite well known in "the community" because some OTHER gang bangers came and BROKE into his car, and stole the drugs!
He said He HAD to report the drugs as STOLEN to the police, otherwise, the original dope hiders would think he had stolen/used/gave their drugs away.'

"Hello Police? I need to report the theft of some crack cocaine from my vehicle."

I requested a warrant from the Judge for numerous reasons--associating with known felons, having contact with drugs, gang bangers, leaving his residence, and ...being DUMB.

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I work in a school where the teens are headed for this lifestyle. One day their two moms came in complaining to the principal that their kids stole their weed, and they wanted it back. Meeercy. I bet your stories could fill a book. hey that's an idea