Thursday, December 13, 2007

Passive aggressive notes blog

RUN don't walk to "Passive aggressive notes" blog. I laugh every time till I spew coffee out my nose, which burns, then I have to get up and get toilet paper because this house eats boxes of Kleenex,and cats shred them, and the toilet paper is rough so it makes the bottom of my nose turn red.
Then..I have to refill my coffee, and nuke it so its hot enough, as it had cooled off as I was dealing with the snot/coffee dripping from my nose.
Then I get distracted, make toast, spread Peanut Butter and jelly, because really, I am NOT a heathen that eats hot toast with JUST peanut butter on it. What?? Do you think I"m that way? SOO NOT!...then I sit back down at the computer, realize I forgot my coffee, and go get it, THEN, I get Back to the computer, and the screen has coffee spew flecks on it. SO I have to get up to get Toilet paper to clean the screen...etc...SO just do yourself a favor, get a tissue (as you are just a LITTLE bit better than me and have KLEENEX in your house) BEFORE you head over to passive aggressive notes blog.
and have a nice day!! :)

so much for turning the other cheek
December 13th, 2007 ·

thanks to sarah for capturing this delicious little slice of life from her christian college in illinois. (delicious like a quart of starbucks coffee almond fudge, not one measly little low-fat frappucino bar.)


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