Friday, July 20, 2007

Volvo 850 Turbo!!

God gives good gifts to his children.

We went and looked at this car last week in Ann Arbor. We went and Picked it up today!!
Don was squeemish about it..literally said, "I can't SEE myself driving this". I told him that day..."I can SEE you driving it". Literally. Saw him transporting the urchins to school etc..saw him happy to have a decent vehicle.
I called him earlier this week While I was away...and told him HE needed to change his attitude toward the car. To envision his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, to see himself fiddling with the controls etc.
Part of our "managing money god's way" class the last session, was to talk about how God..the loving Father, gives GOOD gifts to his children. We don't have to be Down and out...white trash Baptistic Christians who think poor is equivalent to godliness.I'm So DONE with that thinking. We are very generous..give out of abundance..not out of Sacrifice. We are not greedy..yet have a tendency to think we don't deserve nice things. This is a direct result of taking care of what WE ALREADY HAVE, and being thankful for IT!
I'm so happy to SEE him driving a better car. Its a 1996, turbo, champagne color...really nice.

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I am still making a name for the car!!
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