Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out of Gas

My van let me down. It's like a date with a friend and they don't show up...don't call, just nothing.
I KNOW my van! nevertheless....a new twist develops.
I picked up students for Tae Kwon Do for class in Mt. Pleasant, as well as my two that are home (broken arm and all) and dropped them off at Finch Field house. Yes...It was still in the '90's!!
Decided I'd go get some gas while they were in class. The light had come on, but that means about 30 miles yet.
Right in the middle of Preston, putter stutter DIE. Called my mom...she didn't answer the phone. Called my brother..he was in Saginaw. He suggested I call my sister in law...which I did.
Meanwhile..it started..and I had to get what I thought was TWO blocks to the gas station...and I made it there...across from Arby's..AWQWCK!!! It was CLOSED..Not closed as in not open for business but RIPPED apart closed.
Called my SIL back, I made it to HERBS ETC. parking lot. Cleaned out the van While I waited.
She brought a BIG CAN!! I put some in...Got it going and was able to make it to the gas station!
What a weird experience. I mean that just does NOT happen very often. I was amazed at my attitude. I wasn't freakin out, just ...calm...
Thank you Terry!

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Mini Me's Room said...

she said your welcome!
--- Helena