Monday, July 16, 2007


It's just amazing to me how much easier it is to oh...say cook for 20 or so..when you have the right kitchen.
I love the Camp kitchen (in the conference center)...huge ovens, great sheet pans that I use for EVERYTHING. Food..mass quantities!
I got up to camp yesterday...just assessing stuff VERY EARLY IN THE MORNIGN TO BE DRIVING......when I find out instead of a 10:30 breakfast..OH its NINE O'clock. Yikes...that was scary at first. Martha was there to save the day and walked me through everything. Really all they needed was a warm body to cook, so the crew could go do a presentation at a church. That's really cool...when you can do free someone else up to do God stuff. Both are blessed.
This was for a family reunion...What a wonderful idea! The Matriarch had died last year, and this was the first visit home for the Patriarch since the death..and they didn't have room at any ONE person's house so they came to the retreat center! Great idea---food cooked for you, room to move around...they LOVED their visit.
Martha asked.."WHere are the kids"????? I had left them home to recuperate...from Sat's great adventure, "Well isn't WILLIAM coming to SR high camp this week???"...OOPS..I guess since my surgery I"ve been sort of OUT OF to call in Heavy Kevvy to save the day, go from his place in Midland, pick my kids up, tell Wiliam (with extensive help from Helena) what to pack, Then Kev brought kids up to camp. Thank God for loving friends who help out without asking or expecting anything. Kev says.."CALM DOWN" because a little panic was seeping into my voice. ,...I simply can't believe I forgot about camp...even tho is was the 2nd week etc...
GO God

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