Thursday, July 12, 2007

Depression, Sayings, and MORE

I was writing recently to a friend, and came up with what I thought was a GREAT phrase to describe the lethargy and post surgical funk I'm in..." It's No Christmas morning in Whoville in my head" !! HA! I love that!

Reminds me of the saying My School Admin friend Kathy says,about stupid thoughts, people you can't get over or remain Ticked at etc..."Hey! You are just providing them FREE rent in your head"
"Get OVER it already"
"Bring a different bus into the depot please"...When someone keeps complaining over and over about the same thing refusing to do anything about it.
Any more to add??


Ellin said...

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klasieprof said...

Thanks for you comment. Statistics can be misused also.
Although I certainly agree certain prescription drugs need close supervision of Physicians.

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