Monday, July 30, 2007

Broken Arm

"I have fallen and been injured"....was the statement my girlfriend heard at the campground as I was dishin out sloppy joes to the non-discript Park Employee.

OH..Its YOUR kid! Joy...age 6, 2 hours into our camp stay, was climbing into the upper loft. She Fell off the ladder from about the 5th rung. SMACK, onto the concrete. She came out of the cabin, and the fleeting thought crossed my mind that I wouldn't be having any Lunch.
I grabbed stuff from the BIG first aid kit I had Debated about spending all of 2 dollars on at a yard sale, Ripped open sterile 4 x 4's and tried o stop the flow of running blood gushing from under her chin. SH*T! Yes she's going to need stiches I could tell at a glance.
"my arm hurts". Oh Crap. My ass did that tingley thing when you just KNOW something is wrong..I looked down AWWCKKK!!! So..>Got a STICK (Basic first aid) for a Splint..hey have to use what you can in a pinch, wrapped it, and took off.

Decided to go to Mt P to hospital as her dad was in MT. P working, they already had our file and stuff and her pediatrician is there.ER doc was ok...but dang it was SOOO SLOW. Way too slow. Wouldn't sew up her chin after getting her all geeked up about S-T-I-C-H-E-S...explained all about them...the shot all that..then leavers her for FOUR hours to think about it????. She was pretty amazing...ended up getting like 150 mg of Demerol at various times...and Never fell asleep..the fat guy next to us (Oh was so private! NOT)was given 50 mg of the same and was OUT of it puking his guts out.
The Ortho doctor showed up..Literally as the ER doc was sewing her up...and was trying to work on her..Like WAIT FIVE minutes you Jerk!! Then he copped an attitude and left the ER.
Joy has follow up on thursday to see if she has to have surgery or not to install pins

Had a meeting at school tonight. Everyone loves she looked VERY cute in her TAE uniform with her broken arm and sling. She wanted me to make up a tee shirt that said, "I fell off a ladder while camping and got stiches and broke my arm in three places, Yes it hurts"...cause she got tired of saying it all the time!

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