Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God in Nature

I sit at my desk this morning in awe of how cool animals are. I get why zoos are so popular.
At first, there was one small fawn out at the side of the woods munching on the farmers tender shoots. He was Full profile, and I could watch as he bent his head. His slender small body intent on eating was a testament to survival. My young daughter came, and stood at the door, mesmerized by each bite. "Mommy, he is eating now. Mommy he is swallowing now" Yes Joy..all that.
Then she left, and I was amazed as his twin joined him! We know of these animals as several weeks ago, William and his buddy went out to the woods, and in came the high schooler carrying a FAWN! GO put him Back!!..."He's TOO weak" they said..he didn't MOVE!"...when, they placed fawny on the ground he Scooted back to his mom fearfully observing from the middle of the woods. A few nights later, we were happy to see not JUST mom and fawn, but Mom, Fawn + one...a twin.
Between that, the chickens + rooster, and our two new kitties, we have a lot of entertainment and "God in Nature".
Personally, I'm getting sick of God in Rooster at Daybreak. Not so glorious.

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ness said...

i wondered about that....

had a squirrel in my back yard and ants in my house. Not so fond of them either.

would love to see the little fawn, though.