Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't argue with the Doctor

So last Sunday, I had called Dr. Smith to ask about going to the ER. He was on call, and according to Staff at Gratiot Community, is the only Doctor that has surgery staff on call also.
I told him I thought it was Diverticulitis..he told me Gall Bladder.
I told him..but it's the same pain as last fall...except for the twinge going up my back to my shoulder.
He told me Gall bladder. Ok..He was right.
He told me..go to ER, He'd tell the Doctor I was coming. I got a reception at ER. "Yes, Dr Smith informed us you'd be arriving". Yah..that was me.
SO...Finally admitting that I was in pain...I broke down crying driving myself to ER. "Damn this hurts", I kept saying to my imaginary passengers.
Blood pressure through the roof, as expected because of the pain.
OK..I'm going to be admitted. I don't care. Get rid of pain. Shots given..pain subsides..well...maybe the pain wasn't really all THAT quickly our bodies forget.
Surgery was at 3:00. My Gall Bladder was removed...Doc said it was all Gangrene and yucky, almost grossed him out. My sites are VERY sore. One section is much larger than they usually have to make it. His office partner apologized when looking at it.

I had the funeral this morning, then went to his office as my IV site is quite infected...I think with VERY SORE. Got some antibiotics.

I was kept an extra day because I simply couldn't PEE. Every shift I would have to be Straight Cathed...yah...not real pleasant. Finally the 3rd day, someone informs Dr. Smith who says he has to put in a real Catheter to rest the bladder, then usually it kicks in and starts working. SO...another night at the hospital. Somehow the nurses take it upon themselves that Doctor's orders are Doctor SUGGESTIONS. Instead of giving what is ORDERED...they give 1/2 or try this first etc. Look--JUST GIVE me BOTH the Pill and the IV SHOT. I'm not going to get ADDICTED..I"M GOING HOME TOMORROW. Just get me out of pain!! I eventually had to resort to bringing some medicine from home. How pathetic is that?
I had opportune visit from Pastor Bob, just before I went down for surgery. How nice to know someone is praying for you RIGHT as you go under the knife. I'm still not sure how he found out so fast. I think I knew at one time but forgot.
Wonderful flowers/plant from Ithaca Baptist church, Cool smiley mug from Ms. Paula, Great orange lilies from Marcella. Had a nice visit with Mary P. released on the 4th of July. Took a nap..then loaded up and went to Breckenridge for the fireworks/music show. It was fabulous. Great music...Great friends. Drank some adult liquid pain killer. Ate sparingly. I so far have NOT thrown up one time since surgery.
Tons of my friends met there, Shelly and her hubby of Kincaid ( fame (I call him Big Daddy and sit on his lap at one point) and her two sons+girlfriend, Cathy and Tim and their tribe of Foster/adopts, Mr. Mark and mom and daughter Mary (from Tae Kwon Do), Gerry & Beth-Ty and granddaughter, Doug from Church with great chocolate chip cookies, The Smith Tribe, Don, Helena William and Joy (who covers her head and falls asleep during the fireworks display). We all shared food-Pizza from my new favorite place in Merrill-Woody's, chips, pop, cheese, cookies, was good.
My Gas passing was under control at that gut was still JUST HUGE though from the surgery. It still is...
It was fun. It was Family. It was Friends. It was the Fourth. It was Tradition. I'm glad I was alive to see it, and live it.

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klasieprof said...

Hay mom you forgot about Mary and her dad fighting in sumo suits!!!-Helena