Wednesday, May 02, 2007


as I continue to seek what it is I'm supposed to be doing..I find tests, quizzes etc. One inspirational email I get says to devote 1/12-2 hours to self improvement a week. Believe me..I need more than this.
HOWEVER...I'll share my answers....

What would you do first if you are in a situation like:


The baby is crying.

Clothes have spread out and it has started raining.

Water is flowing from the tap.

Doorbell is ringing.

Phone bell is ringing.

Think about what you will do first then what second and so on…above all be honest!! Scroll down to see the explanation.

(OK>>>>>I Picked up the baby, then shut the tap water off--I should of picked up the clothes!).

Each action reflects your priorities that you have set in your life. Take a look at the following table to see which priority corresponds to which action.
Action Priority
Attend the phone..... Career and job
See who is at the door..Friends and relatives
Pick up the clothes .. Sex
Attend the baby... Family
Close the tap .. Wealth

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ness said...

Interesting...I turned off the water, gave a quick excuse to the doorbell and ran for the clothes.

hmmmm...I let the baby cry.