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The "actual" me ??

Every time I take this freeking test I come up with something else..from Direct communicator, To "Boss" "Motivational Visionary".
You are a Motivational Visionary.
A Natural People Person

When you are walking down a corridor or a street, you like to greet or stop to speak to someone. People just love to talk with you about anything. That's because the positive energy that you give off during conversations develops an instant bond with everyone.

You love to interact with people. It doesn't matter how many people there are or at what level you're communicating; you do it effortlessly. Conversation has been extremely natural to you your whole life.

You have a wonderful sense of humor. When people are with you, they smile and laugh a lot. Whether it's telling a joke you heard before or sharing a spontaneous ad lib, you're naturally funny and entertaining. Your humor and ways of communicating are constantly creating situations that relax and motivate other people.
Strategic Creativity

Unless people know you very well, they won't realize that you are quite capable of creating strategic plans, following intellectual pursuits and developing new, abstract theories about how things integrate or function. You're able to look at the whole picture, break them into discrete, unusual parts, and synthesize these into unique wholes or strategic plans. You thoroughly enjoy discovering creative options when thinking through difficult problems and challenging ideas.
Motivating and Leading Others

When it comes to dealing with people and problems, you use a combination of intuitive and rational thoughts very successfully. Your positive, personal and intelligent ways of relating to people make them want to follow you during times of confusion and stress. It's when the situations are dynamic and need optional thinking and/or in-the-moment organization that you're able to step forward, take command and lead others towards successful outcomes. This is when your style of leadership becomes most effective.

Even if you're not knowledgeable about a subject area under discussion, you come across as smooth and intelligent. It doesn't matter to you what conversations others are having or what topics they're discussing, you can join in without missing a beat. That's because you intuitively know how to listen to the underlying messages being delivered and how to successfully respond to people intellectually with just a few facts.
How You Learn

Besides reading and studying, conversations and dialogues provide you with an enjoyable opportunity to learn. It's during this repartee that you're able to ask any type of question: logical, analogical or just odd ones to serve your curiosity. One of the best ways for you to learn and to be motivated is to belong to a study group, particularly one that has members who are focused on the objectives and deadlines. The process of these groups can provide you with the focus and further detail to study and learn effectively.
Speaking in front of Groups

Speeches and presentations to small or large groups come naturally to you. You can either be prepared or wing it when making a speech. The latter, with a few notes jotted on a piece of scrap paper, is your preferred way to present. Also, you'll use theatrical intonations and gestures, personalized comments and anecdotes with humor, integrating them around facts, logic and important points. When you have finished, people leave your presentations feeling that you have presented a solid case, you have touched them personally and you have spoken to each one of them intellectually.
Your Leadership Qualities

As a leader, you're a powerful combination of intellectual insightfulness, future predictions and personal charm. The former allows you to plan and think things through intuitively and logically. The latter allows you to be empathetic and personal in your expression of motivation and planned action. The two of these combined give you the positive power that people trust and follow.

You are a Direct Communicator

You are a charismatic leader who loves to achieve at the highest level.

High Achiever

You are a popular, high-achieving person who relishes being Number 1. Your finishing Number 1 usually rewards you with the leadership that gives you control over other people. You love being the leader. You're also chosen as a leader because you know what you want and where you want yourself and others to go. And those times that the path is not rationally or formally clear, your intuition leads you and others successfully.

You are a visionary who is a logical, pragmatic thinker and planner. You always need three questions answered:

1. "What's the objective or task?"
2. "Why is something happening?"
3. "Who can I develop enough of a relationship with to get something I want accomplished?"
Thinking Systematically

Whatever you are thinking about has to meet the goal-oriented and rational criteria of analytic, precise and systematic thinking with a historical and factual basis. If it does not meet all of these, you first become skeptical and then very intuitively creative in exploring another way to understand the problem and its solution.

You are a pragmatic realist who can get people to do what you want, sometimes without their even knowing it. It's during these moments that you can interact verbally with individuals or groups of associates to motivate them and to let them know what needs to be accomplished, how to proceed and how to team together positively. Then, and only then, are they prepared to receive your directives.
Accomplishing Your Goals

To make your directives clear so that everyone meets or exceeds the total goal successfully and together, you will have to have a detailed plan laid out with user-friendly approaches set up for each person to accomplish each necessary task. Then, you'll have all these directives aligned with the mission, strategies and objectives. And, lastly, you will have to measure how the strategies are being fulfilled and what is making the final outcome successful.
Communicating with Others

On a personal and professional level, people love relating to you, whether it's in person, in a group or over the telephone. They feel safe and secure that you're listening to their needs. You're taking care of business by putting a thorough action plan into place, you're intelligent and creative enough to solve any problems with optional actions, and you're capable of motivating and leading them towards successful outcomes.

Communication Tips

People who have a predominantly Left-brain Abstract thinking style thrive on careful analysis of all pertinent factors before making any decisions. Their style is naturally systematic and detail-oriented, characterized by the pursuit of logic, predictability and discipline. They may appear distant and aloof at times, as they prefer to listen rather than talk. They tend to stick to the rules and stay within the confines of their orderly world.

When communicating with a Left-brain Abstract person, you are likely to experience the following characteristics:

* If you are able to engage them in conversation, don't be surprised when they provide more details than you might care for.
* Because of their introverted nature, they usually don't like to interact verbally or personally with other people. When they do, you might find their passion for logical and systematic analysis to be ponderous or overly pedantic, but try to keep an open mind, as their conclusions could be beneficial to you.
* In situations where you must collaborate on a project, their tendency to stick to the rules and take things seriously will help keep you focused on the task, even though you may feel constrained from your natural tendency to socialize.
* They may appear distant and aloof at times, as they prefer to listen than talk. Don't take this personally or assume they're arrogant. Remember that they're absorbing and processing information that they may use to render an opinion.
* They can be a valuable source of background or historical information, which you usually overlook. Allow them to take center stage for a change while you benefit from their knowledge and experience.

People who have a predominantly Left-brain Concrete thinking style are action-oriented and thrive on challenge. As movers of people and organizations, they enforce rules, focus on goals, meet deadlines, and demand immediate action. They typically avoid getting bogged down in details and want to go directly to the bottom line. They prefer short and easy action-items or conclusions. They are decisive people who want to get things done quickly and efficiently.

When communicating with a Left-brain Concrete person, you are likely to experience the following characteristics:

* You both tend to deal in the concrete here and now, but their emphasis is on actions and results, while yours is on people and interpersonal communication. This difference can lead to a clash in how you accomplish your goals.
* You might find their communication style overbearing or even intimidating at times. Nevertheless, you can sometimes get them to shift gears to a more amiable, relaxed style that suits you both well.
* When it comes to solving problems, they view feelings or abstract concepts as intrusions that prevent them from reaching a firm conclusion. Maintain your upbeat attitude, and your feelings won't distract them or become an issue.
* They don't usually like to engage in small talk or use metaphors. They prefer to get right to the point. Watch for clues that they want to keep things brief.
* At times you may feel they are pushing too hard to get you to make a decision. Despite your preference for spontaneity, you might benefit from their decisive nature. Listen to their suggestions with an open mind.

People who have a predominantly Right-brain Abstract thinking style tend to be visionary thinkers who look at the big picture and try to understand how things relate to each other. They are creative people who consider many options and abstract concepts when absorbing or presenting information and when making decisions. They tend to think before they speak.

When communicating with a Left-brain Concrete person, you are likely to experience the following characteristics:

* Typically, you can relate comfortably with their communication style, even though they may not be as naturally sociable as you are.
* They value creative, inspirational options and can usually provide interesting alternatives that would be worth your while to consider. At times, however, you might find their tendency to go off on tangents somewhat disorienting.
* With the tendency they have to procrastinate while they explore their options, you will need to focus your energies on taking action when you must collaborate on a project or make a decision.
* You are both open-minded and feelings-oriented. If you give them a chance to open up and share their ideas, you are likely to create an atmosphere based on trust and good rapport.
* Remember to be patient with their quiet, reflective nature; they may be thinking of other options that are more suitable for you or for themselves. Ultimately, they need to feel comfortable with how their decisions fit into their world.

When communicating with another Right-brain Concrete person, you are likely to experience the following characteristics:

* You both thrive on interacting with people and being the center of attention. This may sometimes result in a bit of competition to be on center stage.
* They can read other people very easily and use their intuitive skills to adapt effortlessly to changing situations. Like you, they are excellent at exciting and persuading others to follow their suggestions.
* They can often encourage you to confide with them about personal problems or concerns you have. You're usually okay with this, as long as they aren't overly judgmental or critical.
* They may come up with innovative or imaginative ideas that are worthy of your consideration. Their goal is to continually gain recognition and enhance their own image. Along the way, they can help you achieve the same results.
* Since you both like to exchange ideas, the interaction can be both personally rewarding and productive.
* They can sometimes seem manipulative in getting their way. While you might find their personal charm and charisma irresistible, don't allow yourself to be swayed in a direction that you know is not right for you.

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