Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Parenting Classes and puking kids

I started teaching a new parenting class tonight...about 20 people there. One..a "single" mom (at least for tonight) had 5 kids, I think TWO Tho had the same dad--so she was proud of that. So after the 3rd kid...wouldn't a guy think..WOW this is some Fertile Myrtle..I better keep "frank" to himself?? NO??? And...does she really WANT 5 kids..it is overwhelming sometimes. Another--a teacher had a blended family with I think 7 kids...10, 9, 7,7,7 and a couple younger. wow.
The Administrator there is great...its a school for only young kids..she is innovative and yet..enough "wary" to be funny. She said she got a phone call from a "concerned" parent wondering WHY she sent the parenting class to him. Turns out he didn't even HAVE a child at the school...Sometimes she said..she does send a "personalized" letter..but the guy's name didn't sound familiar. Further questioning...the guy was swearing.."F"in this and "F" ing that..and turns out that DHS had sent him the letter (a caseworker)..and How STUPID it would be to take a parenting class when he is a "F"ing GOOD PARENT!!. LOL.
Joy is sick...puking...and 102 fever....swirted her down...wet cloths...she seems better.. alittle.. she can't hold any tylenol or stuff down..she just pukes.
I think I'm in for a long night.

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ness said...

we prayed for you at group last night.

hang in there...