Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jeremiah...Healing and a Hope

God is too funny. What a jokester He can be. I mean this will all seriousness,and it tickles me to know that a sense of humor can be spiritual.

In this new jobless situation I find myself...I am relaxing and waiting to see What God "think(s) toward me.., ...thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.".
My new spiritual friend...I say that Not being that is the "position" she is in..but just that for accountability I guess has offered a venture.
Yesterday we discussed how important it is when I lobby like on the Hill In Washington have a "sound byte"..a catchy phrase or slogan that grabs attention. I discussed the need we would have in starting this "Ministry" in getting such a phrase. She was talking to her Friend, Knowing our concentration upon Jeremiah...and suggested...'Future and a Hope Ministry'. I love it. It explains exactly what Foster Kids go through...and need. We are starting the process to become either a "c" company or whatever. We aren't sure yet.
How God has prepared me and her for this "thing". We met today. We discussed our histories, the people that have hurt and affected us spiritually, and FUNNY! Some have been the VERY SAME people at different times. She would literally mention a Pastors name or organization..and I Would begin to wiggle in my seat as I wanted to blurt out my story of the people. NOT in a Gossipy way..just.."Hey I know EXACTLY what you mean With the SAME INDIVIDUALS". See what a sense of Humor God has? It is very interesting to watch and see God working.
My leadership skills, and "personality" blends, and all SO ties in with this.
We discussed the "weirdness" of discernment...why do Women seem to have so much and men NOT so much? or Why do certain Pastors NOT have it?
then I found this VERY interesting blog (
discussing Discernment.

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