Thursday, May 10, 2007

Clean Teeth and Groceries

I had three dentist appointments this morning for three kids. All got their teeth cleaned. feels like after the car is just RUNS better...anyway..The Dentist was asking me about Helena's orthodontia "start" date..and I started crying...or..let's say.."blinking fast"...explaining that until money comes in..that is NOT priority. I mean rather it IS a priority..we just can't start it. Right now we owe the regular dentist 300 bucks..and I desperately need a crown that I'd have to pay 400 for. My HUGE filling is cracking and he wants to "band" the tooth and crown it.
I decided to keep the kids out of school for the day...I called their Tae qon do Teacher Ms. Paula, and said the kids wouldn't be in class. heh heh..I forgot to call the school. oops..
We went out for lunch with grandma...went to Ruby tuesdays. I had light lunch as I think I'm "getting an attack". mom took us to Sav-a-Lot..and gave EACH of the kids a Grocery cart..and told them.."Get what you want". Wow. I feel so..amazing cared for by God...I guess I'll have to explore this "full cupboard" feeling later..( I GOTTA GO TEACH) yikes...its five oclock!!

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ness said...

that's good news about your mom. I know she drives you nuts, but it's good of her to come through at times like this.

I hope the kids picked some actual food : )