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You appear to have read the items carefully and responded consistently. You presented yourself
in a generally positive light. While not highly defensive, you described yourself in a socially
desirable manner.
You have a pattern of wide interests. While you can be analytical, your typical operating style is
more intuitive. You may not always apply your critical thinking skills fully enough to counterbalance
an overly positive viewpoint. You are strategic in your thinking and can be visionary. You temper
your impetuousness with a big picture overview. You probably enjoy experimenting with different
approaches to problems and exploring non-traditional options. You need structure to help you
channel your efforts most productively. You may need to be more of a perfectionist to insure the maintenance of high standards. You are somewhat impulsive in your approach.
You are a highly confident and resilient person who runs the risk of overconfidence. You can express impatience, but this isn't likely to be unreasonable or long-lasting. You are motivated primarily by internal factors. Your needs for security are not strong. You are probably more driven and achievement oriented than you show at first. You are not highly competitive. You have moderate needs for approval. You are typically only sensitive to status issues when you sense
inequity or unfairness. You are not an introspective person and you are rarely self-critical.
You are generally accepting of differences in people.

You are likely to be socially confident and poised. You are markedly extraverted, even when compared to a business population. You are likely to be personable and persuasive in your interactions with others. You are likely to be extremely open with your ideas and reactions. You may not temper them with enough political sensitivity. You’re likely to be seen as spontaneous,expressive and somewhat flamboyant. You generally strive to maintain a positive tone, but you
can be blunt under pressure. You are likely to be more upbeat and lighthearted than serious. You are generally tolerant of others, but you may not always be sensitive to their feelings. You don't actively create conflict, but you're not prone to shy away from it. You are assertive and outspoken, but generally able to soften it depending on your audience. You are a very talkative person.

You are likely to be a strong and effective goal setter. You are probably effective in handling
immediate time demands, but you may procrastinate with longer term issues. You may be prone to apply social pressure to peers to force action from the group. You are likely to be more comfortable in leadership or supervisory roles than as an individual contributor. Your self-description was similar to those of people in a variety of sales and sales-related positions.
You are likely to be organized, although you may be more action oriented than planful. Your results suggest that you will quickly take the initiative and will need only a minimum of day-to-day direction. Although generally patient, you are likely to be outspoken when frustrated and will apply
pressure to get the results you want.

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Persuasiveness. People with similar profiles tend to see themselves as persuasive. While this is often positive in a sales role it can work against you if you don't realize when to back off.

High Sociability. Your profile is suggestive of a talkative, sociable and gregarious demeanor on
the job. People with these characteristics are often seen as lively, chatty, witty and humorous.
Social Dominance. Your profile suggests that you're likely to be highly assertive, socially bold and dominant. You probably need to take care not to come across as overly aggressive or assertive. Be careful that you're making your points with enough sensitivity and tact. You may be overly competitive and overly prone to take social risks. People with similar profiles typically don't back off and bite their tongues when dealing with sensitive negotiations and political situations.

Low Anxiety. Your score pattern suggests that you're not prone to be insecure, stress-prone or nervous. You're likely to come across as relaxed, calm and even-tempered. On the downside,people with similar profiles are sometimes complacent, emotionally detached and prone to over control their emotions. They sometimes feel too good about themselves and they sometimes come across as distant or emotionally unresponsive.
The most likely potential negative associated with this pattern is that of being overly self-assured and overly confident.

Emotional Expressiveness. Your profile suggests that you may be emotionally excitable and that
you have a tendency to seek attention. People with similar results are sometimes seen as ego-driven, status-seeking, emotional or power-oriented.

Patience. Your profile is one of patience, emotional control and low tension. You're likely to be seen as comfortable with yourself and free from excessive emotional tension or anxiety.
Low Discipline. You described yourself in terms that suggest a certain amount of disorganization
and a casual, somewhat undisciplined approach.
Focus on planning and follow-through. Think about ways you may
be able to keep yourself more organized and focused on the task when there are competing

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