Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sex Offender Supervision

I was reminded of this from another Agent's Blog:
But..this is ALL me:
I was Parole/Probation Agent with State of Michigan for about 8 years, 6 in Inner City Saginaw.
Man. What stories.

I had one guy...Obvious sex offender as he came in and sat down with his Franklin planner, First words out of his mouth were,"are you a Christian? Cause my wife and I have been praying for a Christian Probation Agent".
Me: "What POSSIBLY could my relationship with Christ have to do with how I supervise YOU?".
Scum: "well..."
I had not had a chance to look over his file yet...too busy, too long on the job to care about the gory details of their crime, knowing that I just had to enforce the orders of the Court. I start looking through the file.
Me: "so tell me Mr Scum...when you were Finger (ing) your neice (8 years old), were you praying THEN?
Scum: "OH that is SOO unfair!!". He was offended.
Me: I don't think so.
He was a devout Baptist that gave me the heebie jeebies. I had our Community service person check on him the first week.--Yep..He was at the church painting the interior of the worship center.
Next week-I decide to check on the guy. Get into the parking the signs,...and throw up in the parking lot. "day care center". I go in..and tell him to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.
Scum: "But they KNOW"!!
Me: "so you are going to tell me that EVERY PARENT with a child in the Daycare knows there is a registered Sex Offender of young children working here doing Community Service work?"
Scum: "". ...but I have to FINISH the interior!!
Me: "fine..You can do it between 10 and 2 at night".

Later...I called the school where his kid attended...a nice private Christian school.
Principal: "I just dont know who you are talking about"...
Me: "he Drives a white Cadillac...son is in mrs so and so's class"...
Principal:..."OH MY MR. SCUM??..oh oh oh....He's scheduled to go on a class field trip soon".
Me: "Yah...that won't be happening". his pic is here--Tim Mohr Other than being an offender. I really liked him. Great conversationalist.

It never ceased to amaze me at how smart and tricky sex offenders were at putting themselves in places where kids are. McDonald Playland, Rent a house across from a school, work at Chuck ee Cheeses, etc.
I think if the "real" public knew how many offenders were out there, they'd revolt. Many of these are on "Electronic Monitoring"...the ankle bracelet. The Tether. Most of my black offenders pronounced it "The tellers". They do not protect. They only say when the person is in the residence.
A partner and I had a TRICKY sex offender. He worked at a Boat place in Saginaw as Manager. 18 hour days. It ticked us off. He was REALLY...a tree jumper--was loaded with alcohol, and jumped out of the tree and tried to pay the early morning paper kid for services. the kid ran home, told his almost Killed sex offender. (go dad)!
This offender would be seen out and about at the bank...for lunches etc..and he always said it was "part of his job". Yah. We didn't like it. Didn't like it at ALL. He was too smug.
So...We finally Came up with a GREAT solution. We made him get a SECOND Tether machine for his work. Required a SECOND (or fifth) dedicated phone line in the store ONLY for the machine. He Balked. He cried. He got mad. BUT but....We won. HA. Score one for the good guys.
He violated..went to prison. Yah.

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