Saturday, January 27, 2007

Please Pray

One set of my foster parents have 8 foster kids, 2 or 3 bio kids, and 2 they are waiting to adopt. I just found out the dad lost his job in December.
They have very little food, etc. I"ve dug out about 4 boxes of food from here, the Church had brought me a lot that I haven't used, I have a call out to another foster parent that is bringing stuff also.
This is the SAME family, that their 15 passenger van rolled over twice this week, with about 10 kids in the van. The Van is totaled...but no one was injured.
God is good.
Pray for peace for this family that recently re-dedicated themselves to the Cause of Christ.

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ness said...

Donna, we've been using this ministry big time through the episcopal church. This is a nationwide ministry that Ithaca should absolutely look into providing. This s the closest one I could find to you guys, I think, but google angel food ministries and you may be able to find another one closer.