Saturday, January 06, 2007

Get Right, or Die

Usually things are not clear cut. There used to be BLACK and WHITE for me, but that is Nary the case now. The world, spiritual things, are mostly grey. (I like that spelling of GRAY).
I think God likes grey. It makes His lovers more responsive, each seeking their own relationship with individual choices. I think Grey is not boring.
Some things are clear cut. You fall in a bonfire, you get burned. You cut your skin, you bleed.
Sometimes, I live in the grey too much. God says NO, I say...why not. It is not a attitude of rebellion I don't think. Its more of a "tough" learning I felt I used to have to do.
I don't feel that way anymore. (on some things at least). I've been way to liberal with what I think God will put up with.

Just as I was in the hospital recovering from physical illness, I've been in the spiritual hospital recovering.
Thank God He is both the great Physical healer, as well as matters of the heart.

Some things are just clear cut.

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ness said...

i prefer grey too. it's the British version.

It was good to talk to you yesterday.