Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Feelings are hurt...

Or as my friend says.."Oh that's right, You can't hurt my feelings, I've been married".

Anyway. Yah. My feeling s have been brutally stomped on. I Didn't do anything to deserve what has happened to me. I have been disrespected. There is no fairness, no compromise, and I'm supposed to just act like nothing ever happened? I've laid my hurts
Not just to me. MY children have been hurt. Fine..Hurt me...HURT MY KIDS???? Sorry. My MOTHER has Been Dissed. Momma don't play that game. Been a guest in my home? I trusted this person with my KIDS???? wow. What was I smokin?
I have to be somewhat vague as I'm still dealing with the situation. Not that it matters nobody actually READS this stuff...but...OK...I did nothing that I can think of wrong. I Did the "go to thing" the bible discusses. Subject would not speak. Subject disses my kids, my family, my time, my investment in them....My kids are asking about the person..I have to tell them the truth. But I don't know what the truth is.
This is not Jr. High. Adults are not supposed to be acting this way.
I think I"ll let a stink bomb off in their locker.

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ness said...

i read it. call me when you get a chance.