Friday, January 26, 2007

God is so weird!

Yah. Really. So Last night I"m putering, and the tx rings--The LAND line..and even weirder..I answer it....and its one of my Foster Parents. NOT just ANY foster parent, but the wife of the guy who I want to go to Russia with me. I just hadn't called them yet.
She had a New foster parent referral for me, and I was just sitting there kind of stunned at God. Here is just one more affirmation for me. This Foster mom has not called me that I know of...then...I was able to tell her..I was babbling I think about GOD I had been meaning to call etc..
Her husband is a Corrections Officer, and just a GOOD guy. Its tough in Corrections to remain upright. That may seem wierd, but its true. SOOO many people are screwing other people...its the same in any institution. I don't miss being a Parole / Probation agent. (except the part about arresting people was kinda cool).
Anyway...just kind of keep praying that all the hundreds of details are worked out. If I looked at what God has done already...its amazing. It is just one little detail at a time.
I'm thinking of the flowers of the field...and how God...their heavenly father cares for them.....and KNOW that he cares for each Russian orphan, and American Foster kid..that need families too. I just hope I can continue to be a part of it.

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