Friday, February 02, 2007

a fall TO Grace

Somehow I started getting the magazine "RELEVANT" this article: A Fall to Grace
Author and pastor Ed Young writes about how moral failings among Christians (whether in a high-profile setting or individual basis) isn’t a fall from God’s grace, but rather to it.

I like this thought. I like it alot. He goes on to talk about how we REALLY think that God's Grace IS limited. Yah...people have to Ask publicly for forgiveness, then stay in the background a while, then Finally, after years they can "resume" leadership. I understand that if you make a mistake, have an affair or whatever that you have to get over it. I used to think-my hyper fundy background-that "they" were done forever. They will NEVER be any good to God anymore.
As Sienfield would say..."What's up with that". Especially in Pastor-dom, I've seen a lot. I've seen Pastors manipulate circumstances so that nothing is their fault. I"ve seen them...Flirt, Flex, and "Fall from grace". All that training, all that leadership POOF...what..they become telephone book advertising salesmen?

Please give me some room here. I"m just thinking out loud. We (and by that I mean ME) need to be a whole lot less condemning.
Personally, I am one of THE most accepting people that I've ever met. Really. I can talk to anyone-high brow, low brow, uni-brow or Pierced brow.

I like what Ed Young in the article asks: "Do we REALLY believe in Grace"? If we do..maybe we (I) can be less caustic when it comes to others. Not even "Those in leadership". Just "People". Like Me.

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