Monday, February 12, 2007

Coffee house Church

So my mom had surgery last Thursday, and I was staying at her house. I attended a local church there I have been wanting to go to for over a year.
It seems emergent, has coffee style worship (thanks for the tables...a GREAT way to worship/be able to take notes rather than on my lap). I was tired. Exhausted both mentally and spiritually. My mom is nut job, and she isn't getting any nicer. I went to church with a guy I know that is also looking for a church. I left feeling refreshed, and having been challenged toward Holiness.
I didn't have to work at being made to feel at home. Thank you greeters. Thank you Coffee makers. My 6 y.o. was thrilled to have hot choc.

Thank you for protecting my kids (as a fomer parole agent, I love the fact that the Children's worker's husband is a State Trooper, and they ACTUALLY have a sign in / out and do background checks or at least an App for workers) I especially appreciate this as I check at every church..."Do not release my child before I personally pick them up"..One of the churches I attended in N. Carolina had a child abduction from the nursery. YES it happens. Joy told me later that when she was going potty, she got locked in the stall. Because they had sent someone with her, the worker crawled under the stall and unlocked it. Can you imagine how SCARED a 6 year old would a new church, knowing no one, and being LOCKED in the Bathroom??? Maybe she would have thought to crawl under. I don't think so tho.

They are having a couples night on Sat which we are planning to attend-along with our former group members. (Having a "Potluck" in the future which made me laugh as they were trying to come up with a kitchy phrase instead of Potluck. I guess the Pastor said..HEY...IT IS what it is...Its LUCK which pot you get!!).

I talked to one guy who said that the Church was looking at Missions outreach. Maybe this is why God has me there. Maybe they can help me/team with The Russian trip. I have to come up with a name for this outreach.
MAYBE...Maybe...I would so like to find a Church Home where I felt I belonged and could serve.
The Video (The pastor and wiffy were gone)...was of Louie Giglio. I"m going to post under a different heading on this.

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