Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bizarro Church World

"Extend the hand of Christian Fellowship". Yup.
Got the letter from Ex-church today. Problems? nope..Not usually, except this is from the Pastor that kicked me out of his church. Told me I was a terrible mother for working part time and Homeschooling.
He told me that "Until I make things right with him and his wife that I was not to talk or approach any of his family members. He said I was trying to "sabotage" his church. This from the guy that Coaxed confidential information from me as his role of "pastor", then used it publicly.
He DID have the (to use Christianese) the "gift of Church Growth"....He grew it from about 40 down to the 7 family members.
He had gotten into a fight with my husband, (unsaved at the time), over stupid kid stuff, and wanted me to side with him. Hub asked me to just STAY OUT OF I was out of state and not involved at the time. I did. Then...the NASTY emails he sent. Yikes. I tried to "make it right" several times, but I had done nothing wrong. Eventually I left...("maybe you ought to leave right now"), and found a Great emerging church....with love, Small groups, and Rick Warren.


sara said...

you could come join this church world down here.

ness said...

: )

That man was a spiritual abuser. He tried to manipulate you and your family for his own purposes. Burn the letter and keep your distance.