Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Old Friends

While in Bible College, one of the Associate Pastors stated over and over again, 'don't ever give away a book or a gun'. OR loan them. well I've broken both rules, except for the guns. I've loaned and lost MANY books, but I see it as a part of my mission. If I buy "Co-dependent no more" one more time......!!!!
I was inspired by my blogger friend who has ALL the Perry Mason books except one. Should she search for and buy the LAST one?
For me, I was able to keep my sanity much longer than I should have (HA) by reading Westerns in Oklahoma City. Somehow, Zane Grey, and Louis L'Amour. Louis taught me that if you are entering a dark area, from the light, (in his books it was walking away from the campfire into the woods),,,, to close your eyes, and and wait a second or two. Then When you open your eyes, they will be adjusted to the darkness and you can see immediately. There was Max Brand too, but I only read him in a pinch.
I also learned that the Hero's in L'Amour's books know how to treat "their women". Except it is singular. Woman. One. One that has their heart, One that they seek. One. It helped me realize that the preacher boy I was married to was snarky, slimy and a cheater.
It helped give me strength to realize God doesn't require me to stay married to someone who does not have my heart. When Someone "counsels" many other women, it is NOT an act of love toward their wife.
Louis L'Amour called him all kinds of names, Snakes, Grass Eaters, Poisonous Side winder,
Villian, False friend or Pebble eater.
Yep. I like that. And so thankful that God saw through my wilderness, and brought me through to a "lively" western town, where "people are good, and share meals with strangers."


SpookyRach said...

"Pebble-Eater" I like that one! I'm glad you expanded on your comment. Our heroes can have such a powerful impact on our lives. My dad (who is also a huge Zane Grey and Louis L'amour fan and who only reads Max Brand in a pinch)always says 'we become like what we admire'. I've always hoped that was true. Thanks for telling a bit of your story!

ness said...

What an apt description of Don..."Good, and shares meals with strangers."

great post.