Monday, February 19, 2007

Having one car...Mid winter blahs...

Really sucks.
We are still driving the "other" car..but it is with constant worry about the engine siezing up, getting stranded, breaking down.
We're broke. We don't have the 1500 it would cost to fix the Volvo. We can't figure ( I say "we" but mostly it's on the hub) out if we should fix the Car, or get a different one.
It would be SOO nice to have a reliable car to take out of town (if I ever COULD get out of town). Even driving to Midland or Lansing is scary.
I'm so tired, burned out, I simply can't seem to be much part of the conversation. I feel like I'm walking through Syrup or something, always seem to be slowly moving , afraid to wipe out-my leg/ankle is REALLY acting up, I'm out of most of my prescriptions, I feel like I have the flu all the time from the Diverticulosis, and I'm cranky.
I'm mad when I yell at the kids. I"m frustrated I am not a better house keeper.
Ok..I guess I better sign off Cause I feel the tears starting to well up, and NO I"m not PMSing.


ness said...

You need a break, hon.

It's sunny and 60 today, with that clean, spring time smell in the air.

You'll be here soon, relaxing and getting a different take on the world.

It's gonna be okay.


sara said...

i will pray for you..if that means anything...

I miss you and can't wait to see you.