Friday, February 16, 2007


I"m So thankful for Ithaca.
I had training for 5 new foster families for this weekend. The location I had did not work out at the last minute...well actually a DAY before 5 families were going to get trained.
I called my church, it was available.
How cool is that.
One of the new foster mom's said the "coffee house church" in Mt. P was a "sister" church to theirs in Greenville.
FIVE new homes. That is the number the Licenser did in ALL of last year. I had to do some Statistics for "end of year" yesterday. It makes me sick. At one point I had over TWENTY people waiting to be licensed. They get tired of no action....they find something else to do.

I worked 8-4 for Leadership Gratiot, immediately started working on the training stuff. Training started at 5, at Ithaca Baptist, we went till ten. Have to be back there to START at 8 am..and will go till five.
I was able to figure out how to show Videos on the BIG SCREEN tho..thats really cool.

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