Friday, June 16, 2006

WOW Hey I learned how to do a Second Post!

Ever have one of those days where just about everything, (but waking up) was just GREAT? Just coulnd't get to sleep last night..had to be somewhere at 11, coffee was Yesterdays, but still better than nothing.
Got to See My Eldest sweet daughter Helena today after she's been Being a visiting bee since like monday. She is INCREDIBLE. She went to Our Friends house Beth on tuesday, then went to Beths daughters house for 2 days to play with her 'cousin'. Got to swim, but most of to be away from her siblings. They did go to Troufant..the huge flea market thing on Thursday. WIlliam was so sweet he bought something for Helena. Some "snappers" know the throw the white puff of paper on the cement and SNAP. It was great fun.
William got some more illegal fireworks...our favorite of this Ball..that HOVERS in the air as you watch it rise from the ground. Then it SPINS..and takes off like a flying saucer. Its great. ALways a crowd pleaser.
SO Got daughter..then hung out with my friend and about 11 BOYS and my two girls. they dont have a lot fo Testosterone yet..but they are BOYS!!...THEN I took all the Boys to THe movie that just came out..TOO FAST TOO FURIOUS---TOKYO DRIFT. It was exactly entertining wiht enough car crashes, and hot babes to be great. I love looking at the backdrop of the movie also..the Graffitti tags were hip....the neon lights...Very GOOD allaround movie. and FOr Fathers day...kid fixes up his dad's stang.
Dunked all the urchins in big pool today..then thenighbor kids were there too..My friend..says she feeds these guys EVERY DAY..they never go home! Like why wouldn't moms know where their kids were for lunch????
We fed em good too...turkey sandwiches, peanut butter uncrustables, pop, chips, cookies, icw cream bars they just kep' on snacking. One kid was in my Youth group at church that has disbanded...he as asking if they are going to start up..I said I had No idea. made me sad.

OK I have more to say..but that is enough meandering for now.

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