Saturday, June 17, 2006

June Days of Paradise

Wow..what a day. GREAT summer day. Dropped William's friend Chris off at 10:30 this morning, came home-packed up...and went to da beach. Thank you Gratiot County for passing the Parks millage.
Picked up Lori's 2 boys, and Ron went with us. He almost didn't as he was given tremendous grief over it from his spouse..(even tho she was LEAVING for the entire day)....
Went down by North Star..SUn, SUN , More sun, water..cooler..hee hee, sandwiches etc. It was so funny..I was down by the water..look up by our picnic table is a girl looking suspiciously like my 5 year old..suit down, taking a whizz. I gave her a LOOK, and she just shrugs..pulls up her suit and comes running back to the water. .."I didn't want to go over to the port a pottys mom.". well WHo can blame her.?
THEN...stayed there till about 5 , took a tour of where Ron grew up in North Star..very cool..looking into his parents house was like looking into a time capsule. The couch..with the brown tufted upholstery and doilies on the arms, his dads shirts still hanging in the closet. I could feel the ghosts there.
NOT one tree on the entire place. Very wierd. Ron said his dad HATED trees. Wow. that is very wierd.
Then..WEnt to Brad and Lori' swam there, we grilled GREAT steaks for Fathers day, ate salads- Lori has this new salad sort of coleslaw with peanut sauce and mandarin oranges. Really good. AND rented a movie.. Will Farrell is a News Desk anchor, (
Stupid..funny, bust a gut in some parts.
OK don't know why the font changed. Then..Brought everyone home tucked 'em in, and went out to the PUB for a couple tonic waters and first time ever to Croc Rocs. Saw a band the drummer set up the sound system in our church- Clarke...Great drummer.
Then home, and now bed.
Very red and sore from having too much fun in the sun.

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