Sunday, June 25, 2006

summer movies

Joy had a birthday party in Mt.Pleasant yesterday from 2-5. It was a 'reunion" Luau birthday theme. The kind of mom you love to hate. Hand made birthday cards with raffia to hold them closed, Luau pinata, Blow up Pool, sprinkler, blow up palm trees, Cabana over the pool and table area, game bags with toys-candy for all guests. Just Sick. lol.

SO I had to kill some time in Mt. Pleasant. The Mt Pleasant SUmmer fest was going on at Island Park but I rarely get alone time, and just did Not feel like being around people, making nice, and not having much cash either dampens my spirit when around all kinds of stuff. ANYWAY...

have been wanting to see "THE LAKE HOUSE". Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves. Some reason, Time travel movies ALWAYS get me. "Somewhere in Time" (I hear some of you groaning), Back to the Future, and a New Favorite of several Months ago..."FREQUENCY"--Where a father and son duo, talk to each other thirty years apart Via Ham Radio. Yah it was farfetched, but I can jump in and believe these premisis for the sake of entertainment. The Son and Dad are able to solve a crime, and the son is able to protect his dad. It was a great flick. Now to THE LAKE HOUSE. yes-Corny. I don't care. I'm glad no one was with me to spoil it by groaning, or worse, trying to point out inconsistencies. JUST WATCH AND BELIVE. Had some moments..when Sandra was waiting in a swanky restruant for a 2 year old reservation, and the guy is a no show-everyone is disappointed, but of course there is a Reason. The reason is told later in the movie, and you can forgive the jerk for standing her up.
Also has some decent shots of Chicago which Is one of my favorite cities.
RECCOMEND? Yes, If you can suspend stedfast rules for a while.

MUNICH: Wow...I"m in the middle of watching this a second time. One quote I love is
from one of the Jewish hit men Robert: "We are supposed to be righteous. That's a beautiful thing. And we're losing it. If I lose that, that's everything. That's my soul." and also.."There is no Peace at the end of this". I frequently think or say, "NO GOOD CAN COME OF THIS" regarding a poor choice I am making or someone I know is making. reminds me of the WAR song: "WAR UGH>>>WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN".
I find the movie difficult to follow, could be our crappy tv speakers, and the subtitles in part are TOO TINY. Come on Steve (Mr Spielberg lets me call him that)...Increase the FONT SIZE!!
TOPIC CHANGE: got some nice cute short skirts that are tight across my ass...(thanks to my friend Lori who I am taking fashion cues from). THEN noted that the Panty lines really are distracting..sooooo...Bought my first Thong undies. hee hee. I feel like such a GIRL. I do have nice ass etts, and decent legs!! Throw in Decent ample cleavage..and SOMEBODY should want me...but ..nobody does.
Except the dog. and she doesn't have much discretion.

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