Saturday, June 17, 2006

MOvie Harrison Ford movie FIREWALL

Ok..Gotta say if Harrison is in it (he lets me call him Harry) I have a predispostion for enjoying it. This was good right from the jump. It doesn't get too bogged down in the computer geek stuff, but what is there is believable.
I like the weaknesses Harrison showed. He was a worried family man, yet when the Bad guy made him fire his faithful did it Completly. (but did it for her protection). It was technical enough so that I couldn't think I knew what was coming next. There were many plot twists I didn't get untill viewing it the 2nd time. (intersperse the first time with bathing FILTHY daughter feet, grabbing something to get my "drift"..Oh thats another movie (Tokyo Drift)...another subject!!
Of course,, you CANNOT involve "da man" the cops, they have him prewired that his every move is known.
The Ending..was great, believable and a-typical Harrison. He showed weakness, and true love for his family.
An overall feel good flick.

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