Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Strawberry Dayz

Sort of a lazy summer day yesterday, I was feeling kind of Punkish, dropped JOy off for a couple hours so I could go into work.
Realized I have GOT to get my date book out and get writing stuff down I'm getting triple booked and that's just not good. So much for "not taking anything on I dont have to" syndrome.
IT POURED last night..I hope its ok up at camp for dd age 9. I did send a plastic hooded rain gear thing. I think we forgot the umbrella.
Anyways, I got home yesterday, laid down with a new Psych today magazine (YEAHHH--its such "easy' reading...and fell into a doze. Lori Smith called wanting me to take her boys so she could go to MT P shopping. They always play well together.WIlliam LOVES being the "big brother" to them, they did video's computer one Time I think I heard Foamy the squirrel and just reminded him to be appropriate. LOL. Foamy....what a nasty little guy!!
SO I was dozing..heard the doorbell, figured it was kids...kept dozing...finally got the dog, walked into the kitchen..and there AWWCKKKK was our accountant sitting at the table cleaning Strawberry's. YIKES. VERY weird feeling. THen He said he saw me snoozing and didn't say anything...DOUBLE YIKES YIKES. Anyway (man it is just STORMING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW). Well he also brought 3 pounds of ground round and some ice cream, so we finished cleaning the berries, I made sloppy joe and corn and made shortcake with my secret ingredient in the dough (ask me I'll tell you and you will NEVER make them without it again!!).
Don got the "squirt" whipping cream as the store was Out of "real" whipping cream (gotta love Gratiot County).
Dinner was fabulous, Lori came to get the boys and we sat out on the deck for a good long while on a hot summer night. Relaxing. Watching thekids play, dinner on the fed, glass of wine around..(accountant drinking strawberry margarita cooler-- and says he doesn't know why he's feeling SOOO RELAXED). Well...Thats why I like wine. Takes the edge off of my pain.
Had William clean up (yahhhh behavior agreement!!!!), watched HOUSE , one i'd never seen before (who knew the Blonde had been married and her husband DIED??)
THEN went to bed early, am up early and feeling ook . Enjoying the morning quiet, coffee here, rain and thunder. Oh yah. Life is good this moment anyway.

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