Monday, August 04, 2008

In the news's some headlines...I refuse to insert myself into any of these stories..!

Parents on European vacation forget 3-year-old daughter at airport
Ok...So? What's the deal? They remembered their 18 suitcases...running for the flight...I SO GET THIS! Ok Ok..but WHY did the article have to state they were Jewish..and they remembered their duty free shopping? THEY have FIVE children...wasn't it someone ELSE's job to bring the 3 year old? BBC news say the parents "accidentally" forgot her...heh heh..who are they trying to kid?

Study: Restaurant kids' meals loaded with calories REALLY? Isn't that why we TAKE our kids to Restaurants? to Fill them up and stop their whining...oh mommy mommy I'm so hungry? WHAT is up with THIS?

Paris Hilton's mom takes offense at McCain's humor DOES ANYBODY CARE WHAT PARIS HILTON'S mom thinks?

Pitt, Jolie Baby Photos: The Price Is Right Ok..."GET ME THE BUCKET"...quick...what movie is that from?



I hate the media, but I do have to comment on Paris. I have ALWAYS thought like you. Who in the hell cares what she thinks????

Lady Liberal said...

Movie: Monty Python... right? Can't remember which one.