Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm getting ready to do a Teacher Inservice on Love and Logic in the Classroom, Classroom management etc. SO....I ran across a TEACHER QUIZ...and well..thankfully I am POSTING the results because they were So ME!! LOL..don't think for a moment if I were Atilla the Hun or something I'd be posting this!

You have the Fair and Balanced Personality: You are a teacher who students can really depend on to be fair. You are consistent and balanced in your approach. You rarely raise your voice and you almost always treat every student the same. No favortism in your room. Wonderful!
Seriously though...: Fair and balanced teachers make teaching seem easy. They have less disruptions in their classes because students realize that they will be dealt with according to the rules but in a fair and consistent way. If you ever slip up and do something that students perceive as unfair or inconsistent, don't worry - they'll be happy to point it out.
Other Teacher Personality Types: Here is a link to the other teacher personality types. Enjoy!

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