Saturday, August 16, 2008


Woke up after not being able to sleep. Had 1/2 cup coffee
Drove35 miles
Talked to Renter who stiffed me this month's rent
got coffee, muffin
Met Maintainance guy at the duplex "I" own for assessment of repairs needed
Made list of stuff to repair Cement Stairs (bee hives living under the front porch)
Spent 50$ at Menards
Back to Duplex, Rent sign repair, put up, application dropped off
Waited for Maintainace man to return
Went to my Frail Mom's house
Helped Daughter get Feral Cat that was living in her basement OUT of her House. (for last 2 weeks-she "THought" it was her cat that ran away...this was a "LIGHT" Lilic point Siamese, Mom's was DARK choc point...I digress...
Went to several more Garage sales in search of finds..Knowing YESTERDAY was the FIND of a LIFETIME.
Went to Lunch, went to Garage Sale, went to Credit Union, Dropped mom off, bought food for the now 2 guys working at Duplex--10 coney dogs, 2 frys, 2 pops and a Raspberry Blueberry shake for middle girl.
Had to go buy more Cement.
Talked to other renter.
Watched as tree cut down.
Manually trimmed 3 trees BIG time (up to 5 ft in air)
stacked brush
Got ALL gutter cleaned out from the LARGE 2 story structure
MUST get new Roof...its rotted down to the underpaper
picked up yard
emptied bucked after bucket of debris from roof
loaded tools
several phone calls
argued with Renter
Met guy who is NOT renter, but squatting without permission (OR RENT SHOULD I SAY)
Cut down another part of tree
Trimmed front shrubs
tried to get power washer
Didn't eat dinner
Kept noticing how Dark it was getting....
Did More
Talked to neighbor about taking out trees on property line
made drink run
got blisters from using this over the head tree trimmer with rope pull thinger
drove home
watched part of THE MIST
bed at 1:30
Up at 7:30...have to do it ALL again today...:agenda: Power wash decks, Tons more trees, Sidewalk/driveway power washed, more.

Headache Again...
A husband emerged from the bathroom naked and
was climbing into bed when his wife complained, as
usual, 'I have a headache.'
'Perfect,' her husband said, 'I was just in the bath-
room powdering my penis with crushed aspirin. You
can take it orally or as a suppository; it's up to you.

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