Saturday, March 01, 2008

Students, you can't make this stuff up

I was in class telling a sign language "STORY" (sign is: picture mushing a marshmallow together back and forth, there that's the "sign" for Story)...about my Daughter's broken finger.
A Premier student comes up with no prompt, and asks me to SIGN her story as she tells it.
O. My. God.
At no point was there a place I could stop.
Background for the day: I had an observer from a local University there, who also Signs, and told how she and her 4 brothers were adopted.
SO Student comes up, tells how her shirt tail relative showed up last night with 2 young kids boy 6, girl 4. To be DUMPED off or they would go into foster care. Keep in mind for 6 years I was the local Foster / Adoptive Recruiter for the State. I trained many new Foster homes, and worked with Bio parents to get their children back. It is near and dear to my heart.
Student says woman says Here, or foster care. Her parents faced with mid life, NEVER knowing these kids felt they simply couldn't do it THEN, with no time to think of it or whatever.
State Children's services takes the children, they are in Foster care. Within hours one of the "Daddies" (bio mom had been married 6 times), makes an appearance and DEMANDS his kids. The same 4 yr old girl that had been previously molested. The studetns story is that DHS released the kids, without DNA testing. He was NOT the dad.
Fast forward a couple hours, "the children are missing". (I don't know all details). The Family, my students family split up and "go looking" for the kids.
Students mom, finds child on the Highway, cold, but alive.
My student (at this time I am bawling as I'm signing, but I STILL thought it was going to be a happy story about how SHE has a new brother and sister)...She is driving,
sees some blonde hair on the side of the highway
calls her mom, police
baby girl, age 4, naked, barely breathing
Dies on way to hospital.

Perpetrator whereabouts unknown. I tried to decompress the class, 18 IN room about 20 on the ITV screen, blew my nose, got a drink, kept going. I felt I HAD to tell the school counselor who then didn't really believe me.
"Well SHE is friends with my daughter, she would have Come to me". I said, well...Obviously NOT. She looked up to see if it was on the news. It was not. I don't know WHAT is going on, but I'm not one to be hoodwinked, I don't think the story has broke yet.
I tried to call my boss twice to tell her about it, no return call, stopped by one of her offices, but she's not there.
Since, the student has called me twice, the counselor called HER mom, told her "She told EVERYONE in TWO classes about it,"....My student is AFRAID her mom is going to be mad, My otehr students were WORRIED about this student, I had no choice to go to counselor. BUT if the COUNSELOR has a DUAL role with the student, shouldn't someone else have been asking about it? ITs all so horrible, and fresh and raw.
That's my story. It wasn't fun.


Suzanne said...

Sad and scary. RIP, little girl.


Oh my goodness, that is horrible. Sorry that the school counselor's pompous ass wasn't more helpful. You are so tender and sweet.

MP said...

WOW...who needs Law and Order SVU when you have real life..unbeliveable.. No DNA testing..crazy.